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Valid Driver's License

Applicants must possess a valid driver's license that is appropriate for the type of vehicle they will be operating. This could include a regular driver's license, a commercial driver's license (CDL), or a motorcycle license, depending on the company's requirements.

Age Requirement

Typically, a minimum age requirement is set for drivers. This requirement may vary depending on local regulations and the type of vehicle being driven. Generally, it ranges from 18 to 21 years old.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Delivery drivers often encounter unpredictable situations, such as traffic delays or last-minute changes to delivery schedules. Being flexible and adaptable to such circumstances is important in successfully completing deliveries.

Clean Driving Record

A clean driving record is often a prerequisite for becoming a driver for a delivery company. Companies may conduct background checks to ensure that applicants do not have a history of major traffic violations, DUI convictions, or other serious driving offenses.

Background Check

Most delivery companies require applicants to undergo a thorough background check, which may include criminal history checks and verification of previous employment. In addition we require a medical examination to test primarily for the use of drugs.

Time Management Skills

Delivery drivers are typically assigned multiple stops within a specific timeframe. Effective time management skills are crucial to ensure timely deliveries and efficient route planning.


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